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Improve board effectiveness and decision-making with the first end-to-end corporate governance software solution.

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Foresight: Be Ready For What Matters

Powered and supported by our resident corporate governance expertise, Foresight helps senior legal and C-suite executives, and lead directors and board chairs set and execute board and governance priorities, spur growth, exercise effective oversight, monitor performance and support well-informed decisions.

Move forward with confidence

Foresight provides you a framework to:

Simplify your board planning and ensure compliance

Prioritize board discussions

Elevate board performance

Foresight aligns each agenda item and decision point with compliance requirements and curated current, targeted and contextual information. The software informs timelines for important board meetings and activities, offers peer benchmarks and drives board efficiency and effectiveness.

Focus on what matters today, so you can be ready for what matters tomorrow.

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Foresight provides deep and comprehensive insights that you won't get anywhere else.

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Enhance compliance
and track board
activities proactively.


Regulatory Surprises

Track governance
requirements from internal
and external sources.

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Company Growth

Make informed decisions
about leadership,
strategy and execution.

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Corporate Value

Evaluate and identify
improvements for
the next year.

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Organize and prioritize
board and committee
agenda items.

Prepare for Success

Foresight informs discussions around critical topics such as:

CEO succession planning

Compensation evaluation and management

Long-term strategy development

Risk tolerance evaluation

Improve and focus your board with Foresight corporate governance software.

More Than Board Management Software

Foresight corporate governance software is powered by our resident corporate governance expertise and our advisory board of veteran general counsel, accomplished business leaders and seasoned board members. FORESIGHT business services include business consulting, management and advisory services for corporations and organizations including advising on corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

With Foresight, you don’t just get software – you get the collective insights, knowledge and capabilities of an extraordinary team of industry professionals. These resources are curated to match your specific circumstances and needs, reducing the guesswork in strategic decision-making.

Learn more about the expertise behind FORESIGHT.

Some of the Ways FORESIGHT
Corporate Governance Software Can Help You

General Counsel / Corporate Secretaries

  • Guide strategic, annual and meeting planning
  • Feel confident that your company is meeting regulatory and other obligations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Stay current with evolving governance and legal issues
  • Save time and money spent on governance activity

CEOs / Other Executives

  • Align board and management goals
  • Focus board time on the most important priorities
  • Measure and improve board effectiveness and decision-making
  • Anticipate influential external forces

Lead Directors / Chairs

  • Evaluate information pertinent to board decisions
  • Prioritize critical success factors and board time when setting meeting agendas
  • Anticipate influential external forces
  • Ensure appropriate board involvement in strategic matters that drive value

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