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As you shelter in place, are you thinking about how you work?


Changing where you work got you thinking about how
you work? .

We built Foresight® expressly to enhance your workflows to prepare for, document, and evaluate board meetings.

Board and committee agenda-building is a key
component of board meeting prep. It’s an iterative process. Foresight is more efficient and reliable than the word processing and spreadsheets most corporate governance professionals use now. It reduces tedious work, freeing time for high-impact work.

Foresight users can quickly build draft agenda, then share those with colleagues and committee chairs for review. Users can check their draft agenda for compliance with state law, SEC requirements, and exchange listing standards. Foresight also generates draft minutes to document meetings as well
as analytics to help boards assess their effectiveness.

Even as you shelter in place, you can learn more
about Foresight and how you can improve how your

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