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Benefits of FORESIGHT Corporate Governance Software

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Public company boards and their corporate governance policies and practices face intense scrutiny. High-performing boards must comply with regulatory requirements while delivering solid strategic counsel and direction to their companies. An informed, effective and efficient board contributes to a company’s performance. The right governance framework helps boards manage important issues and make well-considered decisions.

FORESIGHT gives senior legal executives, C-suite executives, lead directors and board chairs the tools to drive exceptional board effectiveness and decision-making year-round.

Mitigate Risk

› Set and execute against board and governance priorities

› Provide effective oversight

Eliminate the Chance of Regulatory Surprises

› Track compliance with governance requirements from internal and external sources

› Feel confident that your company is meeting regulatory and other stakeholder obligations

Advance Company Growth

› Make informed decisions about leadership, strategy and execution

› Align board and management goals

Enhance Corporate Value

› Evaluate board performance and identify improvements for the coming year

› Spur growth

Analyze Priorities

› Organize and prioritize board and committee agenda items

› Analyze how well your board manages its time, measuring it against budgeted time and benchmarks

FORESIGHT is the only end-to-end corporate governance software solution for senior legal and C-suite executives, lead directors and board chairs.

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Prepare your board for what matters

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