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Elevating Committee Performance and “Presenters”

At most companies, each board committee has a “staff officer” who works with the corporate secretary to coordinate agenda and materials for the committee meetings. The “staff officer” has a background that matches the committee’s role – the controller or internal auditor for the audit committee, someone in HR for the compensation or human resources…

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What Does DOJ Guidance Update Regarding Compliance Programs Mean for Boards?

Recently, the US Department of Justice (“DOJ”) issued updated corporate compliance guidance1. What Stays the Same? DOJ continues to urge companies to: Adopt a risk-based compliance program, based on results of a rigorous assessment of the company’s risks, Embed preventative and detective controls tailored to those particular risks, and Be data driven in monitoring the…

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Board Agility in Times of Crisis: Some Suggestions in Support of High-Quality Board Discussions and Disclosure

The SEC’s Corp Fin Staff is looking for disclosure that enables investors to understand how management and boards are analyzing current and expected impacts of COVID-19 on company operations and financial condition, including liquidity and capital resources. For this reason, in planning your company’s upcoming board and committee meetings, you may want to: 1) Incorporate…

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Educating Your Board – at Every Meeting

Increasingly, investors want to know what companies are doing to educate their boards. University law schools and business schools are offering multi-day seminars. Accounting firms and consultants offer on-line training. This is all good. We suggest that, in addition, board education should also be happening at every board and committee meeting. But likely not in…

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COVID-19 Reinforces the Importance of Elevating Your Board’s Priorities

How best to determine your board’s priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic? The priorities remain the same as always; it is what your board should emphasize within those priorities that has changed. Your board had and still has three priorities:    Leadership – people questions Strategy – planning issues. Execution – monitoring performance. Your Board’s Leadership…

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COVID-19 forced boards (public, private, and not-for-profit) to change how they work. Tech makes that change both possible and positive.

Instead of quarterly in-person meetings, many boards are now meeting weekly or bi-weekly for shorter, virtual meetings. Board management software makes coordination of board meeting preparation possible for corporate governance professionals, General Counsels, CFOs, CEOs, and others involved in preparing for board meetings. Board portals make distribution of briefing materials a breeze. Videoconferencing makes the…

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COVID’s Impact on Audit Committee Agenda Topics

COVID-19 is changing how and where we conduct business as well as how we approach both human capital management and corporate strategy. Those changes have implications for risk, controls and reporting. The Association of International Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has been advising its members and others how best to handle COIVD-19 challenges. Recently, the AICPA…

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CGP Advisory Board member Bob Mednick honored

Congratulations to Bob Mednick, who will be inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame at the American Accounting Association (AAA) conference (still scheduled for Atlanta) in August 2020.  Perhaps this completes Bob’s trifecta.  Ten years ago, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) honored Bob with its lifetime achievement award (the IFAC Global Leadership Award), which…

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Keeping it together while you are managing your board’s work remotely. Keeping your board together while it works remotely.

COVID-19 has driven rapid migration to digital technologies. Nowhere is this truer than in corporate governance. If you manage your company’s board work, you don’t want various versions of spreadsheets, WORD document and PowerPoint decks stored on numerous coworkers’ hard drives or shared drives. You need to accelerate your organization’s board-related digital capabilities – you…

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