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FORESIGHT Corporate Governance Software

Elevate Your Board

Corporate Governance Software - Foresight Dashboard
Corporate Board Meeting With Laptops

Rigorous corporate governance has never been more important or challenging than it is today. Investors, regulatory authorities, customers and the general public expect open and responsible governance. Now, more than ever, public company senior executives and board members must seek new opportunities, anticipate threats and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and changing market forces.

Board decisions can significantly affect a company’s direction and success. An effective board enabled by efficient processes and the latest governance information drives performance and enhances corporate value.

FORESIGHT helps senior legal executives, C-suite executives, lead directors and board chairs simplify board planning and ensure compliance, prioritize board topics and elevate board performance.

Increase Your Board's Performance

Our corporate governance software solution informs discussions and decisions around critical topics such as:

Corporate strategy

Enterprise risk management

Fast-changing regulatory requirements

Evolving investor and constituency expectations

Executive compensation

Succession planning for the C-suite and board

Board composition

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