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How FORESIGHT Corporate Governance Software Works

Corporate Board Meeting Minutes - Foresight Dashboard
Corporate Board Meeting Discussion

FORESIGHT aligns each agenda item and decision point with relevant compliance requirements and curated current, targeted and contextual information. The software enables leaders to provide astute advice to their boards, driving well-informed board and committee decisions.


  • Automate your board and committee meeting agendas

  • Compare your meeting agenda topics to regulatory and other stakeholder obligations and expectations

  • Identify exceptions for timely correction

  • Adjust and add meeting agenda items as planning evolves

  • Export meeting and supporting documents for your board book

  • Generate draft “ready-for-editing” minutes using your agendas

  • Generate and manage your follow-up items after every meeting

  • Analyze how your board prioritizes its time against budgeted time, benchmarks and best practices

End-to-End Governance Technology

FORESIGHT brings corporate governance, compliance and board support into the 21st century, driving improved board performance and efficiency, providing your company a distinct competitive advantage.

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Purposeful Planning and Compliance

FORESIGHT provides current, company-specific information that addresses legal and regulatory requirements. Examples include:

Investors’ governance policies and preferences

Competitors’ practices and standards

Survey data, studies, benchmarking data


Prepare your board for what matters

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