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Keeping it together while you are managing your board’s work remotely. Keeping your board together while it works remotely.


COVID-19 has driven rapid migration to digital technologies. Nowhere is this truer than in corporate governance.

If you manage your company’s board work, you don’t want various versions of spreadsheets, WORD document and PowerPoint decks stored on numerous coworkers’ hard drives or shared drives. You need to accelerate your organization’s board-related digital capabilities – you need to employ a fully integrated board management solution. You need FORESIGHT®.

FORESIGHT®’s advanced technology allows you and your board to do much more – more cost-effectively — and much better. And because it is cloud-based, you and your board can work securely and effectively from almost anywhere.

FORESIGHT® allows you, your company’s executives, and your board to:

  • Automate meeting and agenda planning for board and committees
  • Easily distribute meeting briefing materials to designated meeting participants – using FORESIGHT’s integrated portal capabilities
  • Generate draft “ready-for-editing” minutes
  • Create and manage meeting follow-ups
  • Generate board-related metrics

FORESIGHT’s benefits include:

  • Use board-related metrics to assess and elevate board effectiveness
  • A unique agenda hierarchy that helps management and the board align on annual priorities and goals
  • Saving General Counsel and Corporate Secretarial teams hours of work and rework
  • Potential to save outside counsel and consulting fees for corporate governance work

Make your life easier when you really need easy. Make your board better when it really counts.

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