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Corporate Governance Partners Launches FORESIGHT™, the First Board Effectiveness Software Solution

Foresight - Board Management Corporate Software

Corporate Governance Partners, Inc. today released FORESIGHT™, the first complete corporate governance software solution for boards of directors at public companies. The cloud-based software simplifies board planning and enhances board compliance and performance. FORESIGHT is designed for corporate secretaries, general counsel, CEOs and lead directors.

“Rigorous corporate governance has never been more important or challenging than it is today,” says Gerald Zoldan, president and CEO of Corporate Governance Partners. “FORESIGHT is the right solution to help public company senior executives and board members seek new opportunities, anticipate threats, and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and changing market forces.”

FORESIGHT enables users to:

  • Plan board priorities annually and meeting by meeting
  • Automate board and committee meeting agendas, minutes and compliance reports
  • Compare meeting agenda topics to regulatory and other stakeholder obligations and expectations,
    • all updated as changes occur, and
    • curated for specific stock exchange, state of incorporation, leading shareholder preferences, peer company practices, and more
  • Identify regulatory exceptions for timely correction
  • Export selected meeting and supporting documents
  • Generate draft “ready-for-editing” minutes
  • Generate and manage follow-up items after every meeting
  • Measure board performance against industry benchmarks  
  • Get tips for improving board priorities and performance throughout the year
  • Access the experience and knowledge of veteran general counsel, corporate secretaries and C-suite leaders
  • Save hundreds of hours per year on specific tasks and reduce outside counsel fees

“FORESIGHT helps public companies and boards focus on what matters year-round,” Zoldan says. “An effective board that is supported by effective processes is critical to a public company’s success.”

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