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Where does the time go?

Seems like every board and committee meeting ends before your board addresses ...
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I’m not done just yet

Carol Ward shares her thoughts on her recent Lifetime Achievement Award in ...
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Board Consideration of HR Strategy

No matter what it is called, most boards annually receive a report ...
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You just know that question is coming…

As you prepare for a board or committee meeting, you just know ...
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How do I help management and board better divide up the work on company strategy?

Strategy is one of the board’s three Priorities. (The other two are ...
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“You don’t manage people, you manage things; you lead people.” — Grace Murray Hopper

To Admiral Hopper’s point, leadership can make a dramatic difference to the ...
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Compliance Checklist Dashboard on iMac Display - Foresight

“Couldn’t you have anticipated this?”

It is no trouble to cancel an unneeded meeting. It is another ...
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“You’ve asked a good question, Melinda. We’ll be covering that issue at our next meeting.”

Do your directors go off topic; asking about subjects that you already ...
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Corporate Board Meeting With Laptops

How does a board get itself out of the minutia and into what matters?

CEOs often complain about their boards’ intrusion into management’s affairs. During over ...
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Foresight - Board Management Corporate Software

Corporate Governance Partners Launches FORESIGHT™, the First Board Effectiveness Software Solution

Corporate Governance Partners, Inc. today released FORESIGHT™, the first complete corporate governance ...
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Vanguard Investments Logo

Vanguard Proxy Season Updates

Vanguard has refined its 2019 voting policy on three important topics: Independent ...
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State Street Global Advisors

SSGA 2019 Proxy Voting Guidelines and Engagement Highlights

State Street Global Advisors has released its Proxy Voting and Engagement Guidelines ...
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