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Larry Fink’s March 30 letter to BlackRock shareholders included this observation about the impact of COVID-19 on business and investing:

“…Even more profoundly, people worldwide are fundamentally rethinking the way we work, shop, travel and gather. When we exit this crisis, the world will be different. Investors’ psychology will change. Business will change. Consumption will change. And we will be more deeply reliant on our families and each other to stay safe.”

Indeed, things have changed and will change! Both public and private boards are under greater internal and external scrutiny as COVID-19 tests them in new ways. At Corporate Governance Partners, we have been rethinking and enabling improvements in how boards, executives and corporate governance professionals do their work. The result: Foresight®, a cloud-based knowledge-management and decision-support tool for planning, preparing for, conducting, documenting, and evaluating board meetings. Learn more at:

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